Discontinued Car Brands: Why & How They Failed

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    Today I'm going to discuss two of the most memorable and classic car brands that we may never see again.

    1. DeLorean
    I don't know why this company doesn't have any modern biopics. It was founded in 1975 by John DeLorean, a golden boy in the US car industry. He was GM's youngest-ever CEO and was responsible for the design of the iconic Pontiac GTO as well as other cars.
    DeLorean Manufactured the DMC-12 and was one of the most exciting and anticipated cars of the 1980s, but was severely panned by poor quality control, underpowered engines, and stratospheric costs. Rubbing salt in the wound was the FBI scandal of John DeLorean, where he was caught in a drug deal sting.
    He had been absolved since then, but his reputation and company were in ruins and the company closed down in 1982 due to lack of funding. The car has now attained mythical status, as featured in the hit Back to the Future movie series, and is now one of the most sought-after cars in the world.

    2. Saturn
    Saturn was a subsidiary of the holding company General Motors, but unlike its other sibling companies, its corporate and design structure was different.
    Its employees shared ownership, and they have enjoyed much more liberation in the design and engineering of their vehicles. It was supposed to be marketed to young and hip customers, and cash on the import craze, to fight against the likes of Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota.
    Unfortunately, their sales figures were not enough to win over the hearts and minds of its young audience and folded into the 2010 government-mandated restructuring package.
    The company never really had any iconic model, but the closest would be its longest-running model, the Saturn S-Series of compact sedans and coupes.

    Do you know any other name of the most iconic discontinued car brands in the world, feel free to comment below :D
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