For Sale: Kbdfans Tofu65 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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    For Sale aluminum Custom Mechanical keyboard set…

    Package Includes:
    • Kbdfans Tofu65 Gray aluminun case with brass weight

    • Aluminum plate, Gray anonized

    • Dz65rgb v2 hotswap pcb with rgb. QMK/VIA Supported

    • Kbdfans Cement Gray Keycap Set. 145 keys

    • JWK Black Linear switches. 68pcs. Lubed with krytox 205g0 and filmed with deskey films

    • Kbdfans cherry screw in stabilizers, holee modded and lubed with krytox 205g0

    • Applied kbdfans Stabilizer Foams

    • Smm2 mount- meaning burger mounted na, much better typing feel and sound

    • Silicon Case dampener

    • Betafoam PE Foam Mod 0.5mm. Great and Poppier sound

    • Tempest Tape Mod

    Total Cost: 16k

    Selling for only 12.5k Negotiable
    Contact #: 0919 599 7305

    Actual Pics...
    244544174_242241451206312_3983190105909888895_n.jpg 245047770_180810297533668_8103014055036462944_n.jpg 244758902_164566509199985_2331409848070662386_n.jpg 244515828_164046565920480_3524205839184715467_n.jpg 245660291_435335537924972_6966741997171134786_n.jpg 245124581_422943232880099_555267133209468556_n.jpg 244471433_182410920707360_2514303700268848477_n.jpg 244469305_5300619693288131_4630814658606342375_n.jpg 245285659_398794391774340_4879555572120161671_n.jpg 245124581_422943232880099_555267133209468556_n.jpg

    Ready to use na and fully modded

    All complete with box

    Very Good condition

    Reason for selling: Extra keyboard
    • 244701722_564183454806911_4553010755897297478_n.jpg

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