Gensansale Premium Membership Now Available

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    Premium Membership

    Premium Membership is optional.
    It is for member sellers who wants an "upgraded type" of membership.
    It is for members who wants better exposure of their items for sale
    As a seller, It gives you more trust, benefits, perks and features in selling your item and managing it compared to standard/regular membership.

    Premium Member Benefits:
    • Level up the status of your account
    • Will have "Premium Member" Status in his/her account
    • Take control of your thread, You can delete "unwanted/troll" posts in your own thread
    • Special tag in items for sale
    • Special color liner in your thread listing
    • Free One (1) month 120x60 banner ads in frontpage sidebar area
    • You can lock/unlock your own thread once sold
    • You can change title
    • You can PM multiple members at the same time
    • Exclusive access to Premium Members Area
    How to apply?
    • Print and Fill up the ⇨ GensanSale Premium Membership application form (click here)
    • Photograph or Scan the Premium Membership form together with your current valid ID (drivers license, SSS id, GSIS id)
    • Pay membership fee: P500/year via paypal or Bank Deposit BPI
    • Email all the details to Admin at Gensansale dot Com
    Please Email me for processing of your username account upgrade.

    How long is the validity?
    • Premium membership is valid up to ONE (1) year from the date of activation
    • Once expired you can renew your premium membership
    GensanSale has the right for disapproval and revocation of premium membership at any time (without refund) if:
    • We found out that the members information are dummy / fraudulent.
    • Is involve in scamming activities.
    • Multiple violations of our Rules & Policies.
    Premium members violating existing rules will received warning, same as regular members.
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