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    Wanted: Homebased Editor

    Pay is $1000 USD ($250 every week) via Paypal BONUS of $100 to 1000+ monthly may be awarded depending on production milestones and company order/sales volume

    - Must be bilingual: Filipino (Tagalog) and English
    - Must have EXCELLENT written English skills
    - Must be able to work within Philippine Standard Time
    - NO COLLEGE DEGREE REQUIRED but must have excellent written English skills (we'll test!)
    - Must have impeccable grammar and vocabulary
    - Experience writing online consumer articles preferred BUT NOT REQUIRED
    - Can turn in work on time - no excuses - no exceptions!
    - Must be available for skype meetings anytime within working hours
    - 26 days per month / 6 days per week

    This is strictly a FREELANCER position and you're free to work for other people or have your own projects

    Expected Tasks (an editor is expected to do 1 or a few of these tasks combined in different amounts)
    - Edit writers' output - 50K materials with help of tools like http://www.hemingwayapp.com/
    - Edit writers' output - 50K materials with help of grammarly.com (we have a corporate account you can use)
    - Ensure all writers' output pass copyscape.com (premium) AND 1text.com free plagiarism checker
    - Check for accuracy of writers' output
    - Check for citations' accuracy in writer's output
    - Check for appropriateness of photos produced by our Virtual Assistant
    - Check if VA's wordpress data entry is correctly formatted and meets standards
    - Write 5000 - 7000 words per day (if you're assigned this task for a day, you won't have editing tasks for that day)
    - Communicating in Tagalog with Filipino global writers and marketing experts

    What will you be writing if assigned writing tasks / What you'll be editing

    - blog posts
    - articles
    - booklets
    - social media 'authority' posts
    - video scripts
    - email pitches
    - team messages in both English and Pilipino (Tagalog)

    If you're interested, you will be required to PASS an UNPAID screening test that verifies your ability to do the expected tasks above.

    Please apply only if you're serious and have the skills we're looking for

    To apply, email [email protected] with the subject line PLEASE SEND EDITOR TRYOUT INSTRUCTIONS

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